2 Red Light Error

What does 2 Red Light Error mean?

The 2 Red Light Error is caused by Overheating. Period!

In Microsoft documentation, they actually mention what this 2 Red Light Error means.

Most of the red light errors can actually be traced back to overheating problems, but when you see a 2 Red Light Error, you can be certain that it’s definitely overheating.

What caused 2 Red Light Error?

As mentioned before, the design of the Xbox 360 is such that it is capable of producing excessive heat, if let to run for more than an hour.

  1. If you have a look at the internals of an Xbox 360, especially below the heatsink area where the GPU and CPU lies, you would notice that there just not enough thermal compund applied. Thermal compound are a grease like substance that fill up gaps between the chip and the heatsink, and because of it’s nature as good heat conductor, it is able to transfer heat from the chip to the heatsink. When there is not much thermal compound, excessive heat builds up on the GPU/CPU and that spreads to the motherboard as well. Sometimes, if you let the console go on, you will start experiencing ¡°graphics freeze¡± and ¡°locking¡± problems.
  2. To top it up, you will also notice that the heatsinks are of insufficient size. This means that the heat generated from the GPU and CPU will not be dissipated effectively.
  3. Placing your console in areas which do not have proper ventilation will block the flow of the heat out of the console. When this happens, excessive heat builds up inside the console that will cause the 2 Red Light Error

How to fix 2 Red Light Error ?


You would need to apply this preventive methods to avoid the 2 Red Light Error.

  • None of the ventilation panels are blocked
  • Your Xbox 360 is resting on a hard surface, not a soft cloth, bed, sofa surface
  • Your Xbox 360 should not be placed near any source of heat
  • Your Xbox 360 should be placed in an open location, not confined to a small space


You can repair 2 Red Light Error using 2 ways

If your Xbox 360 warranty is still valid, give a call to Microsoft and speak to them about this. Removing the case of your Xbox 360 voids the warranty.They might charge you for $100 for shipping cost and 6 weeks of repair time.

Purchase the Xbox 360 Repair Guide and follow the step by step instruction to remove the heatsink and apply thermal paste. You will also learn on how to mount your heatsink in a proper method that greatly increases the heat dissipation from the GPU/CPU to the heatsink. Proceed to Repair Guide to learn more about what it can offer you.

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