4 Red Light Error

4 Red Light Error is somehow a relatively low incident error where not many Xbox 360 gamers face this problem. Repairing this error is pretty simple as well.

What does 4 Red Light Error mean?

4 Red Light Error is basically seen when all four LED on the Ring of Light lit up to red. It can be quite frightening to see this, but the problem likely lies in the AV cable connected to the console.

What caused 4 Red Light Error?

So, as we know, 4 Red Light Error happens when your Xbox 360 console is unable to detect the AV cables.

The can be due to couple of reasons like:

  • Faulty cable
  • Loose cable connection
  • Overheating

How to fix 4 Red Light Error ?

Couple of simple methods can be used to troubleshoot the 4 Red Light Error.

  • Make sure that the AV cable is correctly connected to the Xbox 360 console.
  • Disconnect the AV cable from the Xbox 360 console, and then reconnect the AV cable to the Xbox 360 console.
  • If the 4 red lights continue to flash, try wiping the metal area of the AV pack with a dry cloth. The metal area is the end that plugs into the console. Wipe the metal area thoroughly, and then try the AV Pack again.
  • If the AV cable is correctly connected but the four red lights are still flashing, substitute a different AV cable if you have one available.
  • Flush the cache memory by following the steps below:
  1. Shutdown your Xbox 360 console
  2. Press and hold the SYNC button first, then press the POWER button together.
  3. When your console reboots, let go of the POWER button BUT keep on pressing the SYNC button
  4. When your console has completed rebooting, all cache memory will be flushed.

When all the above does not work, it’s about time you get the Xbox 360 Repair Guide as the problem might be related to lack of uniform pressure on the GPU/CPU as well as lack of thermal compound on the CPU/GPU.

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